Public Speaking

"The workshop was the perfect way to start and succeeded in paving the way for most effective and exciting conference we’ve ever had."

Greater Union Screen Entertainment
"The response has been overwhelming and the value of Margot’s program has been the main point of praise."

Meeting Industry Association of Australia
"Margot wove a web of concepts and ideas which challenged her audience, then she cast upon waters of conservative thinking...She met expectations and then some."
Emerald Shire
"Margot’s Philosophy on life and business was very thought provoking – certainly got a few of our ‘corporate hearts’."

Ramsay Health Care Ltd
"Very dynamic and easy to listen to."

Federal Department of Industry, Science & Resources, ACT
"Enjoyable, inspirational, thought provoking address."

Local Government Managers Australia, NSW
"Thank you Margot for challenging our thinking and our practice. Your contribution to our learning journey is certainly valued."

South Australian Primary School Principals Association
"Overall it was an excellent presentation, and the members gained a lot from their involvement."

The Executive Connection (TEC)
"Great passion. Rekindled my enthusiasm following a tough period at work."

Institute Connect, Bond University School of Business
"Margot has great strength and gentleness, which makes her a most effective communicator."

Koopers Australia
“I found the Margot's presentation inspiring, easy to follow and very relevant."

People Capital Shared Services
“Margot was extremely well received. There were rave reviews from a high percentage of delegates"


Public Speaking, Facilitating and Mentoring

Margot Cairnes is a highly respected keynote speaker and panel chair in Australia and overseas, and a powerful catalyst for change. A highly sought visionary thought leader, Margot shows how leaders can achieve world benchmark success in a world of rapid change. Margot speaks on a variety of topics including:
Leading in complex, uncertain and rapidly changing times
Relationships – at home and at work
Taming wicked problems
The politics of change
Staying sane in a changing world
From chaotic reaction to wise brain strategy
Sex in the board room
Corporate social responsibility
Margot has helped transform thousands of people wanting to make a change in their working or personal life, taking them on a journey to higher levels of thinking. She has personally mentored world and organisational leaders and her counsel is sought by Australia’s richest and most influential citizens, yet her approachable style makes her knowledge and experience available to a wide variety of audiences. In Margot’s keynotes, she addresses all facets of business management, leadership, and corporate social responsibility plus the broader theme of completely changing the way we think in order to get results that are way beyond those we could have ever previously imagined. Her innovative and proven approach has the power to turn businesses around, increasing shareholder value, setting world bench marks and creating industry, community and personal breakthroughs.
A radical thinker, Margot’s work is about communicating a meaningful and effective way of relating, and placing the world of business within the broader context of society. The applications she delivers are widespread and have powerful long-term implications for a corporation no matter what point you are at in the corporate life cycle. Margot Cairnes’ presentations are dynamic, inspirational, entertaining, challenging and sometimes confronting as she presents cutting-edge approaches to leadership and strategic business issues.
Margot has presented at global forums on leadership, future trends and corporate social responsibility for over 20 years. Her audiences have included ‘Fortune 500′ Chief Executive Officers and Directors, international political leaders and members of international think tanks. She has worked with international companies including BP and Mobil Oil globally, Zinifex (formally Pasminco), Origin Energy, Western Power, Alcoa, BHP Billiton, Telstra, The Reserve Bank, Bankers Trust, Chase AMP, DuPont in Australia, Fletcher Challenge Energy in New Zealand and Canada, the Bank of Michigan and Levi Strauss in the USA.
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