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Margot is a pioneer in the field of business. In her books she gives the reader an insight into her vision, strategies and transformation techniques. Margot assists people in bringing alignment, heart, authenticity and strength in an ever changing world.

approaching the corporate heart

Approaching the Corporate Heart

In the revised edition of this ground breaking book, Margot Cairnes explains that the way most business people think is both outdated and obsolete. Not only does this destroy personal and business success, it is also emotionally and spiritually damaging. Cairnes, with her years of international leadership expertise, provides us with an alternative, enticing us to follow the call of our hearts – the call for personal wellbeing and ultimate success. This is a time of great opportunity for those with the courage to change their thinking and operating styles – by learning to develop new ways that are in tune with the new era. Margot carefully guides us on our journey with wisdom, compassion, intelligence, humour and practical commonsense. She discusses the political and personal traps we need to manage, and provides invaluable hints on how to support ourselves throughout our personal and professional lives.
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What others have said: “Corporations today need both the ‘minds’ and the ‘hearts’ of their employees to succeed in the current marketplace. This timely well-written book emphasises the importance of this crucial integration in a brilliant manner.”
Stephen R Covey Author of the international bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People
“Powerful… gentle… cogent needed… These are the words I would use to describe Margot Cairnes’ book: Approaching the Corporate Heart.
Ann Wilson Schaef PhD Author of Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much.

peaceful chaos

Peaceful Chaos

Peaceful Chaos, the Art of Leadership in Time of Rapid Change” is one of very few books that will help express your humanity at work. While many consider the business environment to be incompatible with individual growth, this book shows that you can purse your self awareness, personal and even spiritual development in ways that will also enhance your business success. Margot Cairnes, Principal of her own Sydney-based company, The Change Dynamic, is a University Medallist from Sydney University and an MBA with experiences ranging from university lecturing to being Chief Executive of a group of companies. She is a recognised authority in organisational change. In “Peaceful Chaos” she will lead you through a series of ideas, case studies and exercises that will have you embracing in new and exciting ways. You will find yourself referring to her wisdom for many years as you travel with the author on a journey that is guaranteed to help you move from chaos to peace of mind and strategic success. Essential reading for personal growth by any person working in a business including the Managing Director, Quality Manager and Change Agent.
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What others have said: “Peaceful Chaos is one of the first books to successfully explore the pivotal connection between individual fulfilment and corporate strategy. The chapter ‘Strategy in Motion’ is essential reading for every executive.”
Robert Bruce, Adviser in Strategic Management Visiting Fellow, MBA Programme, Macquarie University
“This is a very special book. Firstly, it is Australian, written by one of our foremost authorities on the nature of change, and therefore entirely relevant to our local culture and conditions… The book reflects Stephen Covey’s approach in ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. ‘Peaceful Chaos’ deserves to be every bit as well known.”
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staying sane in a changing world

Staying Sane in a Changing World

There’s no doubt that the world is experiencing rapid change: technological advances and globalisation are completely transforming the way we live, including the way we work, communicate and play. We can no longer expect life to be how it was in the past. Consequently, we need to upgrade our thinking so that we can make the most of the opportunities in this constantly evolving world. Staying Sane in a Changing World is a handbook to help navigate our new world. Margot Cairnes, international futurist, author and keynote speaker, has compiled a series of inspirational essays, reflections and thought-starters from her work for national and international professional journals and magazines. These essays present new ways of looking at a range of issues – from work, to leadership, to spirituality and family life – and how they interconnect.
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