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Join the revolution of conscious people thinking and operating at higher levels of mindfulness, strategic competence, environmental sustainability and social conscience.

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What: 12SFB is a cloud based action program for working with wicked problems in a way that builds:

  • Competence in individuals
  • Trust within teams
  • Communication and relationships between stakeholders
  • Strategic breakthrough success
  • Social and environmental sustainability and ethos
  • Engagement
  • Personal responsibility
  • Skills and insights for turning wicked problems into wonderful opportunities
12SFB is scalable – to teams, departments, divisions, whole organisations, cities and countries. 12SFB has been 80 years in the making. Its component parts have been tested and proven within not-for-profit organisations, corporations and whole communities.

Why: The Master Class will provide skills, insights and experience in:

  • Setting up widespread personal, organisational, social and political transformation
  • Understanding the difference between change and transformation
  • Dealing with resistance to change and transformation
  • Transforming wicked problems into wonderful opportunities
  • Gaining, using and ensuring personal, political and professional support
  • Raising personal and group levels of thinking

Who: Anyone faced with wicked problems who wants to upgrade their thinking and that of the people they lead thus creating the organisation/community/country of the future, ie:

  • In-house and external consultants
  • Sustainability consultants
  • Strategic consultants
  • Organisational change agents
  • Human resource managers
  • Division heads
  • Managing directors
  • Mayors
  • Members of Parliament