Using AI to create humanly enhancing organizations that outperform the competetion

Using AI to create humanly enhancing organizations that outperform the competetion

11th Oct 2023

Change brings opportunities and threats. Harnessing change demands that we, as leaders and as humans, grow. Many of the functions that previously made us successful will be taken over by AI.
For example, there are 3 key forms of thinking: – Monological – looking out at the world, analyzing what we see and gaining knowledge. This is what AI does brilliantly, and it will quickly outpace our human capacity to think monologically. Ray Kurzweil – Google’s director of engineering and a well-known futurist – who claims that he has an 86% accuracy rate on his147 predictions since 1990n- believes that by 2029 AI will pass a valid Turing test and therefore achieve human levels of intelligence. He has set the date 2045 for ‘Singularity’ which is when we will multiply our effective intelligence a billion-fold by merging with the intelligence we have created. For monological thinking AI is a splendid tool – the secret then is to use this tool in strategically smart and humanly enhancing ways.
We will be assisted in doing this by enhancing two other modes of thinking: – dialogical and translogical.
Dialogical thinking is systemic, relational, experiential, and human centered. Dialogical thinking allows us not just to come up with great strategies but to devise strategies that can be implemented by humans (with the assistance) of technology. As we learn to increase our dialogical thinking capacity, we get to manage the machines rather than have the machines manage us.
Translogical thinking is even more powerful. This is the thinking we develop when we meditate, pray, visualize and practice mindfulness. Through translogical thinking we can connect with the collective unconscious – i.e., universal wisdom. AI connects with all other AI globally. We can tap into and use this. We can also tap into and use our very human spiritual capacity that is developed by translogical thinking.
It will be our human consciousness that differentiates us from machines (notably AI).
As we develop our capacity to think dialogically and translogically we enlarge our capacity to increase our levels of adult brain development. This is effectively growing up – emotionally and spiritually – in relationship with others and reality. This is what will both differentiate us from AI and build our capacity to use AI’s capacities. Our human development is best done by using reality and our strategic intent to move out in front of the competition. If we want to be world leaders, we must embrace AI and grow our human capacity. If we see everything we do as a living case study, a real life opportunity to grow, learn and reflect we can become masters of change and use technology to create breakthrough success that also enhances our human wellbeing and creates sustainable organizations where people love to be, want to contribute, feel empowered and motivated to be creative leaders of the future.

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survive.  It’s the most responsive.”
Charles Darwin

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