The problems facing organisations today are no longer easy to identify, express or quantify. They are complex, changing and seen differently by various stakeholders. Working with them requires rare creativity, political sensitivity and a capacity to deal with complexity, change and chaos.
Margot Cairnes works with leaders to clarify an organisation’s strategic direction and bring the organisation’s people behind these outcomes in ways that unleash uncommon capacity for achievement, relationships and thought. She delivers exceptional results through her unique holistic approach to identifying and solving the problems facing organisations today.

 An external environment which is changing rapidly, with unknown unknowns common;
 High strategic challenge – requiring breakthroughs in thinking, relationships and behaviours;
 Stakeholders who are diverse in values, outlook, priorities and agenda;
 Increasing competition;
 Cultural challenges, blocks and sticking points, confusion and lack of engagement;
 A need to radically improve relationships with current and potential clients;
 A product or service which creates change in customer organisation and therefore creates strain in customer relationships;
 Problems which are Wicked i.e. constantly evolving, seen differently by different stakeholders, unique and intractable?


Do you want to build strategic capability, robust relationships, engagement and culture through skilfully handling the following challenges?


Do You Want?

A fun, growing experience where creativity flows, political walls come down and strategic results go up?



Margot’s approach builds strategic success through unleashing leadership capability in ways that transform an organisation’s culture. She does this through:



Margot uses all the following tools in a unique and highly effective way. Any one of these can serve as a point of initial engagement.


The mentoring process allows leaders to clarify their strategic objectives and their leadership values. Through the mentoring process, the leader’s vision expands, the leader’s capacity to think creatively and manage complex environmental change also expands. This allows the leader to state and achieve strategic goals they at first would neither imagine or think possible. Past clients include: GREIG GAILEY – (past) President, Business Council of Australia as he led Pasminco out of administration to create Zinifex and then restructured the global zinc and lead industry through the creation of Oz Metals and Nyrstar. RALPH STOMBURG – Managing Director, BP Oil Globally as the company merged with Amico Global. LES SHERATO – CEO, Cantarella Brothers (owner of Vittoria Coffee) as he restructured his growing company.

360 Degree Feedback

The 360 degree feedback process allows leaders to gather valuable and extensive information on their own performance, and on how they are seen by others. The process also allows teams to measure their growth needs against teams in other organisations, and provides individual leaders with the opportunity to create personal development plans. The group profiles also support teams to improve their working relationships with each other and thus their strategic performance.



Big Group Strategic Signalling Workshop

These workshops, for up to several hundred people, are a key part of major change program. They are an opportunity for organisational leaders to signal to the organisation key strategic messages and cultural imperatives. Margot designs these workshops to showcase leaders and support them to lead strategic change.


Organisations are complex systems. Margot has a track record of developing minimalist intervention that provides quantam leap outcomes. She does this in collaboration with specialists within the client’s organisation.


All leaders know that they can only achieve results with the support of their people. However the key role of the leader often inhibits openness in relationships. The invaluable role Margot has played for her clients over the years is helping them to understand the political imperatives of their people, and helping people to open so they hear and buy into the strategic messages of their leaders. This is subtle, skillful and intricate work requiring great trust from all involved. Margot is a master at building this trust.


The variety, complexity and personal tailoring in these workshops makes them difficult to describe in a general context. Each workshop develops understanding, builds relationships and creates leaps in both strategic thinking and implementation. Reality changes constantly and these workshops support organisational leaders to sense environmental change quickly, react to it without delay in effective and strategically successful ways. Organisations for which such workshops have been run include: Origin Energy, NAB, BP Oil Globally, Alcoa, BP Australia, Bankers Trust, BP Manufacturing Europe, Fletcher Challenge Energy, Zinifex, Rothchilds, Nyrstar, Reserve Bank of Australia, Caritas Australia.


12 Steps For Business is a do it yourself organisation   transformation process developed using Margot Cairnes’ methods and experience. It is a cost effective way for leaders to affect strategic change across their organisation.


An excellent way of introducing Margot Cairnes into an organisation.