Give up the illusion control to achieve strategic success

15th Nov 2023

The illusion of control

In his Harvard Business Review YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuYlGRnC7J8&list=RDCMUCWo4IA01TXzBeGJJKWHOG9g&start_radio=1&rv=iuYlGRnC7J8&t=515)

Roger Martin tells us that planning makes us feel good, because it gives the illusion of certainty and control, in today’s changing world is the pathway to failure.  He recommends that we be strategic, which is about having a

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Using AI to create breakthrough, humanly enhancing future success

02nd Nov 2023

Change brings opportunities and threats. Harnessing change demands that we, as leaders and as humans, grow. Many of the functions that previously made us successful will be taken over by AI.
For example, there are 3 key forms of thinking: – Monological – looking out at the world, analyzing what we see and gaining

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The role of socialisation in our success

02nd Jan 2021

Unfortunately many of us have given up ‘ourselves’ to become successful. In fact in many cases the more successfully we have been able to deny our own feelings and inner wisdom, the more successful we have become.

- Read time: 9 min.

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survive.  It’s the most responsive.”
Charles Darwin

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