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Margot Cairnes

Margot Cairnes, World Economic Forum thought leader, author and visionary has been advising boards and CEOs of multinational companies for over 30 years, addressing crucial strategic issues in highly complex rapidly changing situations.
Margot’s leading edge methodologies produce impressive results which increase shareholder value, set world benchmarks and create industry, community and personal breakthroughs. Her extensive client list includes Origin Energy, BP Oil, Mobil Oil Europe, Telstra, Zinifex, Levi Strauss, The Reserve Bank of Australia, Fletcher Challenge Energy, DuPont Australasia, and BHP.
Greig Gailey – incoming Chair of Caltex, Chairman of ConnectEast and The Australian Advisory Board of Canada Steamships, Deputy Chairman of the Victorian Opera Company. Past President of the Business Council of Australia (2007 – 2009) says:
“I have had the privilege of working extensively with Margot Cairnes over many years in a number of organisations both within Australia and offshore. Margot has assisted me in instilling a unique and extremely productive corporate culture within those organisations, which has harnessed the full talents of the team to drive performance to exceptional levels. Not only have the corporates been changed for the better as a result of the process but the lives of the individuals have been equally enriched. Margot also served as my personal coach for more than 15 years and I have found her wisdom and insights of great benefit in helping me to fully exploit my own potential.”
Margot Cairnes’ influence extends beyond the corporations she helps transform. Her work reaches into social, academic and political communities, inspiring and supporting innovative ways of thinking and relating. Margot claims that her methods allow organisations, individuals and communities to solve insolvable problems in half the time. She was commissioned by AIDC to write: Boardrooms That Work – A Guide to Board Dynamics; and has written 2 best selling books on leadership in times of rapid change.
Stephen Covey – author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” in reviewing Approaching the Corporate Heart wrote:
“Corporations today need both the “minds” and the “hearts” of their employees to succeed in the current marketplace. This timely well-written book emphasises the importance of this crucial integration in a brilliant manner.”
Margot has spent the last 2 years making her technologies and ideas available more broadly through an online program – 12 Steps For Business (12SFB) where her unique interactive process takes participants on a journey to higher levels of thinking. As an easy introduction to 12SFB Margot has begun to run a series of Master Classes – both for general attendance and in large corporations.

12 Steps for Business

The 12 Steps for Business Master Class is your opportunity to experience personally all that Margot Cairnes has brought together in this game-changing program.

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